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Quejana Historical Monument Complex

Quejana Historical Monument Complex

Quejana Historic Monument Complex
01478 Quejana
Tel: 945 39 92 64

This was the ancestral home of the Ayala family, which had strong links to the town. Due to its strategic position, Quejana became very important in medieval times as a centre for the defence of this territory. In 1378, a convent of Dominican nuns was founded and this has become the central feature of the Quejana Complex. The church of San Juan safeguards the relics of the Virgen del Cabello (Virgin of the Hair) as well as an altarpiece and the tombs of three generations of the Ayala family. Nearby, the House of the Ayala family provides visitors with an insight into the model of military construction in the 14th century. The Museum, which sets out the history of the Ayala family, occupies one of the wings of the ancient Mansion.

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